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Rev. C. Ramónt Morris, Pastor

Administrative Assistant
Sharrique Livingston

Official Boards of the Church

Deacon Ministry

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Ruth Little

Trustee Ministry

  Ministries of the Church

Baptismal Ministry
Deaconess Judith Primus

Board of Christian Education
Sis. Edna McRae
Church Anniversary Ministry
Sis. Juanita Joyner-Hicks
Dance Ministry
Vessels of Praise

Sis Barbara J. Miller 

Family Day Ministry
Deaconess Dorothy Godfrey
Greeters Ministry
Virginia Prince
Grief Ministry
Deacon Herbert McGraw
Intake Ministry
Sis. Whilamenia Sims
Media Ministry
Sis. Corey Jones
Men’s Ministry
Bro. Glenn Miller
Missionary Ministry
Sis. Almer Wright
Music Ministry
Bro. Johnny Mercier ~ Minister of Music
Bro. Lilton “Dickie” Mitchell ~ Minister of Music, Emeritus

Bro. Jeffrey Primus
Little Saints in Praise
Sis. Susan Payden
Male Choir
Bro. Chris Felder
Mass Choir
Sis. Patricia Felde
Pastor’s Aide
Sis. Donna Jones-Ealey
Praise and Worship
Sis. Whilamenia Sims
Office Staff
Sis. Mae Greene ~ Secretary

Sis. Geraldine Payden ~ Church Clerk

Publications Ministry
Sis. Delphine Blackman
Sis. Mary Wilson

Scholarship Ministry

Security Ministry
Jay Vincent
Special Events
Sunday School Department

Transportation Ministry
Bro. Cedric Warren

Women’s Ministry 

 Usher Ministry 
Young People Usher Minstry ~ Sis. Jenaya Primus 
Ladies Usher Ministry ~ Sis. Sandra Samuel 
Men’s Usher Ministry ~ Bro. Glenn Miller 
Sis. Mildred Moore ~ Sis. Edith “Angel” Cooper ~ Sis. Marcia Clark
Youth Leadership Ministry
Sis. Natasha Campbell